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Hey Hey Hey.. I'm Gettin A Boat! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Swing Life Away

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(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2004|04:09 pm]
Swing Life Away
new livejournal.

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(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2004|06:39 pm]
Swing Life Away

I am A Dingle Berry .

Dingle berries... we all know one. clinging to that parent or significant other for dear life.. basing every discussion on the opinions and actions of that one special person. the mama's boy (or girl) of the shit family, but Dingle berries do have a dark side and are known for their jealousy and sudden bursts of anger and violence though the life of a Dingle berry may seem meaning less, it does have its upsides... usually death.
What Kinda Shit Are You?

haha ew that pictures so grossss. thats not really true.. cause im not like that really.. but i just liked the picture.
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(no subject) [Nov. 20th, 2004|04:14 pm]
Swing Life Away

In this picture lies the story of a boy and girl. A love so strong that each time they were apart it brought them back together. The calling of eachothers hearts to one another is a greater feeling than one could indulge. A feeling so indescribable, so amazing. For their hearts only scream for eachother. They beat for eachother. And although at times it feels like their hearts drift away, the current is never strong enough to pull it too far out to sea; out of reach. They search and search to find their love again; to recall it theirs; to fish it out of the sea. Once its re-found, they reel it back in. Each pull makes the feeling more stronger. Once the feeling is re-caught, they dine on it; feed on it; feed on their love. This love holds them together. It holds the pieces of their hearts together as if it was going to break. And everytime it does, they rebuild the feeling back, stronger than before. For one cannot break this love, its a forever holding circle. And each time one tries, the circle repeats. They're always running back into eachothers arms, eachothers eyes, eachothers hearts. This love at time is too much to bare, for they are too young. This feeling takes over. It controls your thoughts, your actions, your moods; You. You become the controller in this game of love. Theyre the winners. They hold the pieces in which they fight and struggle to complete the game. But the game never ends. There isn't an end. For love goes on forever. Like the blood stream; it flows on forever to no end. It circulates throughout the body. Without it, you're unable to live. And although at times it feels the feeling has changed, it has not. Once they're without eachother it feels as though they are a different person. For this love is them. Its who they are. Its all they know. Like a hurricane, it pulls them in all different directions. Unsure of where to go. The change in weather is too much to bare. And as the weather calms down, everything slowly turns back to normal. And yet again, they find a way back to eachothers hearts. To complete this circle of never ending struggle.

Thank you goodnight.

we hada bring a picture in for creative writing that was worth a thousand words and this is what i wrote and i like it and i wanted to just put this on here basically so when i look back on this journal thing in like a couple years i can remember this and the feeling i had. so to myself when i read this again, hi.
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hibyeseeyaaight1. [Nov. 13th, 2004|10:35 pm]
Swing Life Away
so lets play this game again.

umm. last night i saw the used/the bled. and bert and quinn (singer & guitarist) MADE OUT. and it was the hottest thing my eyes have ever witnessed. so i went with nicolina and emily and cynabun. and we saw tad and frank mancuso and tommy lin there. and i saw scottttt. and the train ride home was the funniest thing. cause we were with charlie something i forgot his last name, mike divine, "nick the knife" and some kid they called debo. and they were drunk and it was just so funny and it was fun. and yes.

i'm a lesbian. bye.

uhhmm.. speaking of lesbian. i'm glad me and rachel are talking again. i guess sometimes you just need a break away from people or something to really miss them. or idk im talking out of my ass. but yeah. and i dont care if people are like wah wah why are you talking to her again (which is basically one person) because they can eat my ass and go fuck their friends over again. bye.

and i work with paul eletto the 3rd now and i just think thats funny.

if anyone needs a job stop by the maxx de tj.

and my mom got me this gum.. its baseball gum.. and its shreaded. and it tastes like wahtamellon. and its so good. i keep eating each little strand by strand. like its food. i'm gona eat it all now and have a big wad of gum in my mouth that'll soon turn hard and flavorless. yip.

uhhh. idk what else to say i'm trying to think of things to write about that other people actually care about but idk what to say.

but uh me and mikey broke up. and he decided it would be cool and block me online. to help himself get over me. but then he tells people i ignore him. oh im sorry. forgive me. please. i guess i wasnt the one trying to talk to him in school.. waving, smiling. waitin for him to come online so we could still try and be friends. shucks. i'm just gona go back to being a lesbian. or a slut. maybe ill try that game. too bad im gross and i wouldnt even get anyone anyways.

so i'm going to go listen to head automatica like i have been doing every night of my life for the past idk how many weeks. and go on the phone. and hope some people get online so i can talk to them. because i'm home on a saturday night. who the fuh. or maybe ill just wait for some more people to go away so i can sit here and read their away notices over and over and wonder why people cant put cool things on them for me to read.

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divine intervention. [Oct. 21st, 2004|06:39 am]
Swing Life Away
so hm. i'm waiting till 710 and then nicole is pickin me up then ashely 8-).

so yesterday i came home. and me and rachel got into another argument. i hate how to her everythings is always my fault. shes upset/mad that i dont 'talk' to her when i'm around kristin. ummmmm, i didnt know it took only one person to start conversation. she doesnt try either. i'm the one who always tries with her. she never puts any part in. so then she goes and does some stupid shit that she always does. i dont get her at all. i dont get why she always has to go and hurt herself. i dont see how that helps. after everytime she does it, it just causes a bigger problem. more of a problem between her and her mom, she misses out on school stuff, shes away from people from school which will bring her further away from them.. i just dont get it. and i cant take it anymore either. because i'm always one of the people who talk to her about stuff and i just can't take it. i care about people too much and then bad shit happens and it makes me nuts. i just cant deal with it. i know its horrible to say i dont want to be her friend because i cant deal with this anymore. after it happening so many times. and her trying to put the blame on me for it all. i can't take it. i know she says shes ''mentally ill'' but she can control herself from cutting. it might make her feel better temporarily but in the long run it makes it worse for her. and especially trying to slit your throat. no one told her to do that. she said to susan 'i'm gona go slit my throat' and susans like ''okay see you in school tomorrow'' basically meaning shes not going to. so what does she do? she has to go and try and prove her wrong. why? i dont know. but its insane and this whole shit is insane and i'm not dealing with it anymore.

and i really really extremly hate when people assume shit. some chick in rachels journal was like ''oh ra ra ra. screw the people who make you feel like shit your amazing your this and that. they dont deserve to be friends with u and blah blah'' you dont know shit okay. you dont know me. you hardly even know rachel. you hardly know anything. you dont know half the shit we've been through so keep your fucking mouth shut. thank you.

work last night was eh. my feet hurt. and i'm working again tonight woopee. but then i get friday and saturday off. hott dayum =).

and i'm gona go sleep before i have to go to school or something.
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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2004|07:18 am]
Swing Life Away
oh man so yesterday was nuts.

okay, story.
in gym we were playing soccer speedball, and kristin went to go kick the ball the same time as mike masciale or whatever his name is. he accidently kicked her leg and she pretended it hurt real bad n fell on the floor yelling AHHHHHHH MY LEG HE BROKE IT. so she went and got ice and their teams sat down and 2 other teams went up to play. and we were all like arent you gona say sorry for kicking her. n hes like why would i say sorry she hurt herself. i didnt do anything wrong.. now, normal people, would say sorry, even if it was an accident. but no, not this boy. after those 2 were done and it was time for kristin vs. mikes team to go back up, she was like >:O EFF THIS IM GONA GO BEAT HIM UP. so she went back out to play. she hit the ball with her hand and mr russo was like HOOD NO HANDS. n shes like OH BUT ITS OKAY FOR THIS KID TO KICK ME AND GET AWAY WITH IT?! n hes like kickings fine! so shes like OH REALLYY. so she walks straight up to mike and wails him in the leg. i was peeing everywhere. n then she came back over by me (cause i was unprepared) and sat by me with her ice. n then mike came over once their teams were done n hes like hows your ankle. and kristin goes HOWS YOUR FACE!?!? it was funnyy.

and then we talked about this 6th per in peggy pizz n she was like =-o. it was funny.

and last night i worked.. with nicolina and ashely.. and mikey came by for a while and he helped me clean and nicole clean n a lot of cleaning. and mrs w was like whos he make him work! n we're like HE IS HES HELPING US. n shes like GIVE HIM AN APPLICATION. n we're like but hes 15 n shes like so what let him fill it out he can just get working papers. so he was filling that out and mhm. he might have a job at tj maxx with me and nicolina =-o.

and its almost school time so bye.
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booooo [Oct. 17th, 2004|09:49 am]
Swing Life Away
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |head automatica/ my chemical romance mix]

so now theres fuckin ants all over my comp desk because of the juice i spilt because i suck at life. I CLEANED THE JUICE. BUT THEY STILL SMELL IT AND ARE STILL COMING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. and i trapped one ant under a full soda can... and now its gone. HOW DID IT LEAVE !?!?! I HAVE NO IDEA =-o.

soooo. saturday. sucked. a lot. i hated the whole day. football game was cold and i didnt wanna be there. and me and nick didnt have a lighter so we didnt get to do what was plannned. and i froze my ass and hands and feet off at the game. but i saw that hott kid ha 8-). ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. then i was waiting for my mom and i saw alyssa and lina and gay. and i left.

then i had work. and i just was having a miserable time because i was just having a miserable day. its gota be that time of the month soon or something because i just felt so depressed and i wanted to cry so bad last night for no reason.

so after work me and nicole decided to chill so we called alyssa and lina.. but they were occupied with someone they used to hate. and i saw them earlier that day and they said they were with katie just so they could use her for money.. then they were sleeping over her house? and nicole was like wow thats just gay. but whatever i really dont care. everyone sucks these days.

and then we called mikey and he was gona come and we went to nicoles to get stuff n she went online to talk to mikey n then ed came too bc he was bored. so yeah blah blah that.

then ed n nicole left and i kept like falling asleep on mikey. and then he left. and then i passed out.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2004|11:40 pm]
Swing Life Away
so today. i went to school. and me and mikey left 1st per n walked around outside cause he had passroom n wanted to go in late. then we went in. n yeah. school was boring without kristin there :'(. and without seein mikey after every period.

8th i left with nicole and emilia and we got our checks and i got shoes.

came home. got a new keyboard which came with a mouse. its all wireless 8-). (i kinda spilt grape juice on my other one so it kinda died).

then napped. then went to work. it wasn't that bad. i just hate how i feel like so much time goes by but then it winds up being like a half hour. ashely is my gf :o*. anddddd i read a care bears book and i did some i spy books when u gota find stuff. i love those.

and they ordered ruby tuesdays and i had chicken fings. and mr c really sounds like a girl over the speakery stuff.

tomor morn i got band football game.
then work.
then sunday work.
then monday work.

AND I HAVE NO WORK NEXT WEEKEND AT ALLLLLLLL except prob sunday. but friday n sat off woot woot.

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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2004|09:51 pm]
Swing Life Away
sooooooooooo um. today was school. and gym was so funny. kristin.. i love her she makes me pee. GO NAPOLEON. and then when she yells at jimson.. YOU!! and makes a fist <3.

band omggggggg. mr goldstein is INSANE. he makes me pee. he yelled at anthony or somethin ha. and me cause i was like layin back in the chair. n then nick was blastin his bone. n we hada do like a million whole notes it was craazzyy. haha and me and kristin were singing songs about this girl with pink hair. it was fun <3

in economics we hada do this thing and look at the news paper.. so i got them for my row.. and i mean dont get me wrong i loveee christopher reeves. but the cover of the news paper was him.. and i couldnt help but laugh. i mean just the picture was funny. i know i'm horrible because he was sick in it but i cant help it :-\. its sad that he died and he was such an amazing person. he like gave so many people hope that they could make themselves better and stuff. he was like.. a lesser version of some kinda jesus lol.

so after school me joanna andrea and emmi went to taco bell and such. then mikey came home on my bus n we hung out here.

chris txted me and he was sad n stuff n now i'm talkin to him tryin to make him posi 8). cause i heart that boy and i hope all works out.

and emily called me because this boy called her n she was all shaky so we chatted till she was calm.

and now i'm listening to earlv nov and stuff.
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2004|05:07 pm]
Swing Life Away
so hmm.. saturday...i worked. hung out with mikey afterwards. sunday.. worked. hung out with mikey afterwards. today. WORKING. WHAT A SUPRISE.

i went to my aunts for a bit and i hung with her and my new cousin =). shes so cuteee. and i got to feed her heh.

ed's sposed to go to tjmaxx n fill an application out lol. thatd be neat if i got to work with eddy pie.

and i love that kelly clarkson song =x.. break away.

and the new autopilot off cd.

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